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No words to describe how much I love Ciel. Age has nothing to do with it. His adorable features have nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with the sheer complexity of his psyche. Ciel, as a character, is just so unpredictable. He’s a villain with a conscience, an child with an adult’s sensibility, a hero that’s always ready to kill. 

That’s it. I love him for his contradictions! 

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This scene gets to me, every single time. I love everything about this single panel right here. Those fringe falling so softly over that face, that slight flush, and quietly averted gaze. That downcast glance, that beautiful profile, and that jugular and strong jaw. What is there not to love? 

I love just how telling this one scene is. There’s so much behind that gaze, the messiness of that hair, the slightly disheveled collar and that less-than-pristine glove. His lack of facial expression points at control, even as the flush, eyes, and his very actions give him away. 

"Finally, you’re revealing your true nature."  

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This is why Kou’s the main male lead: his poses are just so on point! It oozes “Lonely Prince” a la Ouran’s Tamaki. Natural host right here, all them fangirls never stood a chance. 

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He even handled that talk like a man. I just don’t get it, Futaba. Why? Why, why, why? He’s so perfect. Kikuchi was such a gem. I’m already mourning the loss of him. 

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Love the way Naruse steals kisses from her. Almost always tricked out of her, from behind. So cute.

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Ahahaha, this side-chapter is so hilarious. And seriously, this panel says it all: it’s all about the how one dresses and the way we present ourselves. Rei needs to dress like this more often. #deathbynosebleed 

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"Let me comfort you," he said.

Out of the entire series, this particular scene between Nozomi and Tsukasa was probably one of my favorites from this entire series. 

Let’s see. If I had to describe this series in one word, it’d have to be “rushed”. While the potential—be it the storyline, character development, and romance—was clearly all there, by the time I reached the end, all I could feel was that the basic interactions and romance had a distinctly two-dimensional feel to it. I could tell the mangaka tried their best to portray the characters in a non-traditional way. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it fell a little bit flat. It was just impossible to really flesh out the characters of all five people within a total of sixteen chapters. 

Still, the artwork was great, the storyline was casually fun (if predictable), and the heroine was likable. Overall, a pretty good series. 

Mangaka Tsukishima Haru, will definitely be keeping my eye on her for a while to see what else she’s going to be producing.

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Every once in a while, egotistic narcissism can also be attractive.

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Aoooo~!! I swear, the sweetness overload in this series is giving me cavities. Love these toddler-mangas.

Does this even need a caption? #deathbynosebleed

LOL! You can’t get between a girl and her cake. 

Loving this series so far. Rasetsu is such a lovable character. It’s moments like these that reminds readers that she’s really just a teenager—18 year old is really not that old. 

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"I need to work hard on stuff I can actually do. It’ll all work out if I do."

Manga characters and their pearls of wisdom. This right here is one of the truths of life!