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Ah. I always fall for the second lead. 

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Seriously, I love this series so much. It’s so cliche, especially as shoujo mangas go, but I find myself completely uncaring of all the predictable cheese and fluff. Despite the fact that I have a general idea of how this series is going to, I find myself excited to read the next chapter anyways—because the characters are just so daggone cute! How can they all be so lovable!?

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Hahaha! Oh poor Hak. I can’t decide if Yona’s ruthless responses are delightful or merciless. Totally love these two! <3 

Isn’t it crazy how the smallest—the tiniest, most insignificant—things can have the largest impact on someone’s heart? Futaba recognized how difficult things are for Touma, and sought to ease his mind. Touma, in return, recognized Futaba’s need for time, and is patiently waiting. 

It’s not a perfect relationship. But isn’t this a wonderful first step towards love?

Futaba-chan is trying her hardest. Touma is doing his best. Oh, I really want these two to work out!! 

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"Hm? Ahh! It’s a real fox fur coat!" 
"Shut up."

Very rarely do I read mangas from the get go. As a rule, I wait until at least five chapters are out before starting a series. After all, unless it’s a short series, it usually takes around five chapters for a series to really get into the meat of things, you know? So it was a pleasant surprise just how quickly I fell in love with these two. Even the ever-depressing, delicate, and  pessimistic Shin (a type that I, usually, am easily fed up with) found his way into my heart. And it’s only been four chapters!

Once again, kudos to Takarai Rihito, for another job well done.

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Even his profile is perfect. 

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He must be my type. 

I can’t get over what it is about Yukihira that makes me fangirl so hard. I haven’t gone this crazy over a character since the inception of Sebastian and Ciel from Kuroshitsuji. Or Ryouma from Prince of Tennis. Is it his tenaciously composed demeanor, or taciturn yet oddly friendly attitude, that’s getting to me? What is it about Yukihira that’s just so attractively compelling? 

Maybe it’s the poses. Or his expressions.   

Or maybe it’s because he just looks so damn cool even when he loses.

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I read this, and I’m reminded of just how important it is to put your feelings into words. Your partner might not always realize the amount of love and passion you hold for them. Even if they do, they might not always remember; they have their own insecurities, discouragements, and moments of negativity. They say words are cheap, that action speaks louder than words. But, I say, sometimes, words have a stronger impact than any action you might perform. A simple “thank you”, a heartfelt “I love you”, says it all. 

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Mmmm, half-asleep Asami makes for a very good picture, no? One can never get tired of the interactions between these two! 

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